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LattePanda V1 LattePanda Alpha LattePanda Delta LattePanda 3 Delta
lattepanda photo lattepanda alpha image lattepanda alpha image lattepanda 3 delta image
Models Models Models Models
2G 32GB
4G 64GB
2G 32GB /w Windows 10 Home
4G 64GB /w Windows 10 Enterprise
800 - 8G (No eMMC)
864 - 8G 64GB
864 - 8G 64GB /w Windows 10 Pro
432 - 4G 32GB
432 - 4G 32GB /w Windows 10 Pro
864 - 8G 64GB
864 - 8G 64GB /w Windows 10 Enterprise

This guide will show you how to use LattePanda products to start up your little drive first. And kick-off your adventure of software plus hardware development.


If you have any problem or idea when reading our docs, feel free to commit your suggestions directly on the Github Docs Repo or discuss through the FORUM. We, together with our community members, are always ready to help you and listen to your suggestions!

Content Structure

The documentation is broken down into several parts, covering LattePanda 1st gen boards, LattePanda Alpha, LattePanda Delta, LattePanda 3 Delta:

  1. Getting started goes over how to power on your device with the pre-installed Windows system. Experience the power of the hardware.
    • Power on Device
    • Building Connectivity
    • Optional Peripherals Introduction
  2. Multiple OS Support shows different operating systems supported on LattePanda boards
    • OS Installation and setup
    • Tools recommended
  3. Hardware Introduction details the different parts of the LattePanda platform that come in handy as you build a cool project or commercial product.
    • Hardware Interface
    • Programming guidance
  4. Projects introduces small projects you can build with entry level hardware tinkering background. Start your hardware innovation experience.
  5. Troubleshooting links tutorials and guides contributed by our community members to fix the problems you met with when tinkering the device.

The best way to use the guide is:

  • Go through Getting started
  • Review Hardware reference
  • Check out Applications and OS recommendation for getting familiar with the software resources
  • Search the Forums, reply posts or create topics for discussing your idea and problems when tinkering
  • If you're going to production with LattePanda, contact with LattePanda biz team via Email

How to Contribute

This documentation is managed by LattePanda, BUT supported by the all community members, which is pretty important as a team growing up from open maker community. We welcome contributions such as:

  • Edits to improve grammar or fix typos
  • Edits to improve clarity
  • Additional annotated examples for others to follow
  • Additional content that would help provide a complete understanding of the LattePanda platform
  • Translations to other languages
  • Open - anything u think is good for the growth of this community

Making a contribution is as simple as forking this repository, making edits to your fork, and contributing those edits as a pull request. For more information on how to make a pull request, see Github's documentation.

Ready? Go!