Hands-on LattePanda

This guide will show you how to use LattePanda to start up your little drive first. And kick-off your adventure of software plus hardware development.

If you have any problems when viewing our DOCS, feel free to contact us and discuss through the forum. We, together with our community members, are always ready to help you!

The guide is broken down into four parts:

  • Getting started your LattePanda goes over how to power on your device with the pre-installed Windows system. Experience the power of the hardware.
  • Building the network connection shows two common ways to connect your LattePanda to the network like the regular PC.
  • Features details the different parts of the LattePanda platform that come in handy as you build a cool project or commercial product.
  • Connecting with display builds your desktop development environment with the touch panel and official displays.
  • Official Gadgets introduces small gadgets for LattePanda.

The best way to use the guide is:

  • Go through Getting started
  • Review Features
  • Check out Applications and OS recommendation for getting familiar with the software resources
  • Search the Community forums for discussing your idea and problems when tinkering
  • Make sure to read How to build a product if you're going to production

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