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In this section of the guide, you will know how to install different operating system, like Linux Ubunut, Windows 10 and Enterprise, on LattePanda, even some community contributions. Feel free to download the system you want. And still, response your questions via our forum.

Re-install Windows 10 Home

As LattePanda comes with Windows pre-installed, it's recommended to reinstall this system for the following situation:

  • You can't startup your Windows system properly.
  • Windows system crashes.
  • You need to recover the default Windows system after installing Android or Linux.
  • Lost some drivers somehow after tinkering hardware part.

You can also re-install your LattePanda if you just want to re-install it.

Hardware required

1 x USB flash Drive (at least 5GB for LattePanda Standard and 8GB for LattePanda Enhanced)


Following this tutorial will help to recover your system back to the factory default settings. So it means a data or application backup is recommended before doing the steps below.

  1. Check your hardware version! z8350 mark

  2. Choose and download the RIGHT LattePanda's official Windows 10 image, which matchs your hardware spec.


Please make sure that you download the right image for your board! You know, recovering process takes time. You won't like to waste time for downloading and installation again and again. ;)

  1. Format your USB disk to FAT32 and change the drive name to "WINPE"

  2. Unzip the image to root directory of your USB flash disk

  3. Plug the USB disk in USB host

  4. Power on the LattePanda

  5. The system will install the image automatically. Just wait until the recovery is finished. Please note: Your USB disk must be formatted to FAT32 and labelled "WINPE" in order for this to work

7.Unplug the USB disk. Reboot and enjoy.

Windows 10 Enterprise for Commercial

We highly recommended Windows Enterprise OS for commercial applications! And the Windows 10 activate version 4G LattePanda comes with Enterprise OS pre-installed and activated.

This tutorial is provided by our kindly community member. We are really appreciate for his help, here's the link of his original post. We also think it is useful for people, who making small business or industry innovation based on LattePanda. So we share it here.

If you have any other questions about installing a Windows Enterprise system or how to activate Windows key on your board, discuss in forum topic share above! Support team will help you!!


If you need Windows 10 Enterprise license for your mass production, you can contact with LattePanda business support team via email (

Hardware required

1 x USB flash Drive (at least 5GB for LattePanda Standard and 8GB for LattePanda Enhanced)


  1. Download the LattePanda Win10 Enterprise LTSB Image.


  1. Put all the files to the root directory of your USB flash disk. (You need to set your USB flash disk to be a bootable device. You can see the tutorial here.)

  2. Reboot the LattePanda, press 'Esc' continously to enter BIOS. Change the Boot Option Priorities to boot from the USB flash disk.

  3. Save & Reboot.

  4. Waiting for installation.

  5. Activate Your LattePanda

The activation code has been already put in the box. Take it out.

There are 6 steps to activate your LattePanda:

  • Make sure your LattePanda has an active internet connection via WiFi or Ethernet
  • Right click on the Windows button and select System
  • Click Acitvate Windows
  • Click Change Product Key
  • Enter the product key number
  • Click Next

Upgrade Windows

If you want to update to the latest version of Windows 10, please follow the steps below.

  1. Download the Update Assistant here. To get started, click Update now.
  2. Run the Update Assistant.
  3. Wait for update. (This will take a will, you can keep working.)
  4. When the update is done, delete the Windows.old folder in C:/ . (Click here to see how to delete Windows.old folder)


The latest Version of Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB is 1607.

Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Official Supported Version: S70CR200 version. See the picture below to find how to check the version. If you have a earlier version LattePanda like CR110 or CR100, you can refer to the contribution in the Github here to install Linux.

After tested the beta Linux OS for a month with our forum members, we collected the some problems that our forum members meet. Most of the BUGs are fixed. The following topic will show you the official Ubuntu installation tutorial. If you still have any questions when using Linux on LattePanda, feel free to post your question here, we are always ready to help you!


  1. It's for all CR200 z8350. Find your sticky paper on LattePanda board to check the version. Refresh BIOS successfully.jpg
  2. Backup your data files if you need before installation.

What you need

  1. USB flash Drive (at least 5GB for LattePanda Standard and 8GB for LattePanda Enhanced)
  2. Download image here


Ubuntu OS Installation

Step 1: Download the Linux image.

Step 2: Create a bootable USB flash drive.

Download Rufus from Choose the Linux image and deploy to the USB flash drive.

Note: On Mac OS, try Etcher. -

Step 3: Plug the USB disk in USB host

Step 4: Power on the LattePanda, the installation GUI will automatically run

Step 5: Select the first option


Step 6: Choose the Language


Step 7: Choose the way your keyboard is laid out. If you are in North America just click enter. If you are not in North America your keyboard most likely has a different layout than the default chosen by Clonezilla. Choose the one that pertains to your country.


Step 8: Choose “Start_Clonezilla“.


Step 9: Choose "Beginner mode".


Step 10: Choose “restoredisk“.


Step 11: Select image

Step 12: Choose the target disk (default disk)


Step 13: Select "Check the image before restoring"


Step 14: Choose the action to perform when everything is finished, it's up to you. In this tutorial, we choose reboot.


Step 15: Finally, Clonezilla will ask you twice if you would like to start the process. If you are sure the destination drive is empty, choose yes to start the process.


Step 16: The system will reboot after installation successfully. Notice to remove the USB storage following the installation guide.

Step 17: For first time login, please check the password below:

​ Login account: admin

​ Password: admin

Step 18: Hands-on Ubuntu on LattePanda.


  1. Recommended to config the display first before using. Please close MIPI output if you don't have LattePanda official IPS screen to avoid display the app window via MIPI video output instead of HDMI output

  2. Recommended to allow and update latest ubuntu source code via ubuntu updates first

  3. Modify hosts file. Check the details info below:

    • That /etc/hosts has an entry for localhost, like: localhost127.0.1.1 admin
  4. Please share your feedback or further requirement at


This tutorial is contributed by J. S. Evans from community. Please check the link below to find details!

OpenSUSE installtion guide

Enjoy tinkering!​ Good luck!