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Hardware Driver

Regular Driver

If you do not use the windows image file provided by us, you may encounter driver problems. You can use Windows Update to get the latest drivers. Most drivers can be installed correctly, such as WiFi, ethernet, and graphics drivers.

If you still find some unknown devices in the device manager, please refer to the following method.

We packaged all hardware drivers in our Windows operating system. So you could directly download the driver files. These drivers may not be the latest, but they all work fine in windows 10 and 11.

How to install the driver of the unknown device?

  • Download the driver files from Dropbox Link or Google Drive Link.

  • Unzip the driver files. You could unzip them in the same folder.

  • Open the device manager, then select the unknown device.

    Right Click -> Update driver -> Browse my computer for drivers, then select the folder where you unzip the driver files.

  • Then click Next. The driver will be automatically installed.

Touch Panel Driver

The touch panel driver for LattePanda 3 Delta is the same as that for the LattePanda V1.0 and LattePanda Alpha/Delta.

Windows Touch Panel Drivers (V1.1) - 64Bit

PLEASE NOTE: “install.bat” must be run as administrator to update the driver correctly.