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Can not boot up 1. Check again that the power adapter is tightly connected, and the voltage is within the required range 12~15V.
2. Try disconnecting the power adapter for a few seconds, then connect the power adapter. Turn on the LattePanda again.
Blue LED doesn't tun off 1.Wait few minutes. May the OS is updating.
2. Confirm the auto power on function is disabled in the BIOS.
No screen output 1. Re-tight the display cable and wait few minutes until the system start completely.
2. If there is no screen when using a Type C screen, Please find an HDMI display to test.
Takes long time to booting Confirm the voltage of RTC battery is enough. Low voltage or no battery will cause the operating system to take too long to boot.
Cooling fan doesn't start 1.The default setting is that the fan automatically starts when the temperature reaches the startup threshold.
2. Check the BlOS Fan settings and change the cooling fan temperature setting.
Access BIOS setup Short press the power button and continuous pressing DEL key on the keyboard until you see the BlOS Setup Menu.
To select bootable device after pressing the power button, you can continuous pressing F7 key.
Auto Power-on doesn't work When the RTC battery runs down, Auto Power-on function will not work, so please ensure that the RTC battery is fully charged, or connect an external RTC battery with a larger capacity.

Q1: Why the LattePanda boot into the EFI shell upon powering on instead of the Windows or Linux OS?

💡 : Please update the BIOS firmware to the latest version. Detailed instructions on how to perform the update can be found in the BIOS Setup section. The latest version available is LP-BS-7-S70JR120-CN51G-E.

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