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Operating Systems

This document will show how to install an operating systems compatible with LattePanda 3 Delta. It will also cover the acceptable bootup media, as well as instructions, resources for installing operating systems and other special considerations.


The LattePanda 3 Delta is a development device that supports two different operating systems.

  1. Windows 10, Windows 11
  2. Linux Ubuntu, or other Linux versions


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Please back up your important files or data before OS installation.

Windows System

The following contents will take the Windows OS installation as an example to demonstrate.

  • The installation steps for Windows 10 and Windows 11 are same.
  • We will use the official system image file(provided by LattePanda team) with all hardware drivers pre-installed and ready to use, bringing you a fast and ultimate experience.
  • The system will be installed on the eMMC by default.

What You Will Need

Installation Steps

  • Download the Windows 10/11 disc image file of LattePanda 3 Delta.

  • Format your USB drive into NTFS format.

  • Unzip the Windows 10/11 disc image file. Then copy and paste them to the USB drive.

The files location on the USB flash drive should be as shown below.

  • Insert your USB drive into LattePanda, and turn on the LattePanda. (If you created the USB installation media on LattePanda, please restart the LattePanda before OS installation.)

  • Press ‘F7’ key continuously to enter into Bootable Device Selection Menu.

  • Use the ‘UP’ or ‘Down’ key to choose the USB bootable device, then press ‘Enter’ key.

  • It will enter into the OS installation terminal. It should look like the picture below. As it's a fully automatic process, you don't need to do anything. Please wait patiently for 5-8 minutes.

  • After 5~8 minutes, the installation will be completed. You will get the notice in the terminal like the picture below.

Then shut down the LattePanda. Unplug the USB flash drive.

  • Press the power button to turn on the LattePanda. Then it will start the system initialization. After about 3 minutes, it will enter into Windows System desktop. Now enjoy it!


Bootable Drive

  • eMMC
  • M.2 M-key NVMe SSD


This tutorial is for the LattePanda 3 Delta. If you are using the 1st edition LattePanda, please refer to the 1st edition documents.

What You Will Need

Installation Steps

  • Download the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS image.
  • Create a USB installation media for Ubuntu. We recommend using 'Rufus' to create the installation media. You can download it here.
  • Choose your USB flash drive, and load the ISO file. The GUI of Rufus will look like the picture below. Click the start button to burn the ISO file onto the USB flash drive.
  • Insert your USB drive into LattePanda, and turn on the LattePanda. (If you created the USB installation media on LattePanda, please restart the LattePanda before OS installation.)
  • Press 'Esc' continuously to enter BIOS menu.
  • Navigate to the "Boot" tab and set the USB drive as "Boot Option #1" under "Boot Option Priorities" part.
  • Navigate to the "Save & Exit" tab and select "Save Changes & Exit".

LattePanda will restart. Afterward, you will enter the installation GUI as shown below.

There will be two options:

  • Try Ubuntu without installing
  • Install Ubuntu

Both options should work, but in this tutorial, we will take the 'Try Ubuntu without installing' option as an example. Then, the files will load. After a while, the following picture should appear.


During this process, the screen may go black. Please be patient and do not do anything until you see the following screen.

It's the Ubuntu Desktop. Next, please double-click the 'Install Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS' icon on the desktop. After double-clicking, the installation will begin.(as shown below)

Choose your default language and continue.

Check the box to install third-party software, and then continue. This will ensure that the common plugins are installed and everything can run smoothly.

Choose the best option for you. The options may look slightly different on your screen, but usually, the third option (Erase disk and install Ubuntu) will be the most appropriate. There will be a small window to confirm that changes will be made to your hard disk. Please click continue.

Choose your time zone and click continue to proceed.

Select your keyboard layout. If you are not sure which one you need, you can use the detect keyboard layout option. Follow the instructions on your screen and then click continue.

Fill out all input fields to continue.

Please be patient and wait for the installation to complete. Then, you will be asked to restart LattePanda to complete the installation.

Wait for your LattePanda to restart and boot up Ubuntu, then enter your password to log in. Enjoy it!