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Power on device

First of all, let me show you how to boot your LattePanda as a normal PC!

Step 1: Connect WIFI&Bluetooth

Install the Wi-Fi antenna by plugging the round shaped end into the socket. (The antenna is in the box)

Note: Delta board only need one antenna.


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Step 2: Connect Screen

The most common video display interface is HDMI, so we set a HDMI socket on the board.


If you want to use other display interface (eDP, DP, DVI, VGA), see the tutorial here.

Want a screen?

Step 3: Connect Adapter & Power on

In our box, we provide the power supply adapter. Plug in the Type C cable from the power supply adapter and wait few seconds until the Blue LED light off. Then hold the power button for 3 seconds to power on the device.


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Step 4: Enjoy your new LattePanda!

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