Power on your LattePanda

You can power your LattePanda through the micro USB port or through the CN2 header pins. Note: Check your power adapter and USB cable connection before use - insufficient or unstable current may prevent your LattePanda from initializing. A power adapter will not be bundled with the board, but you may get one from our online store or any electronics retailer.

Here’s our list of recommended power adapters and cables


Any standard USB adapter (such as a cell phone wall charger) with at least 2A of current can be used as a power supply for the LattePanda.

When you have an adapter and micro USB cable ready, follow the instructions below to get started.

1.Connect the USB into the USB power adapter, and the microUSB into the micro USB port of the LattePanda (The micro USB port is located next to the SD card socket).

If you are using the 7" display/touch panel, please connect it before powering on your device


2.When plugged in, you should see the red LED indicator lights up on the underside of the board. This means that the LattePanda is initializing. Wait patiently for a few seconds until the LED goes out.

Note: Do not unplug the power cable while the system is running. (If the red LED is on, this indicates that the is system is running)


3.When the LED turns off, press and hold the power button for one second to turn the LattePanda on. You should see the LED lights up again

CN2 Header Pins If you use the CN2 header pins, you will need to create an adapter. Using a barrel jack connector and dupont cables is a very effective solution, see this post on our forum for more information.