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Internet Connection


Insert the wireless network card into the M.2 E key socket on LattePanda Sigma, and install the antennas.

Sigma SSD E key

Then install the driver. Now you can go online!

If the wireless network card is not included in the package you purchased, please purchase it separately.

The M.2 E key supports M.2 Type 2230 PCIe and CNVio wireless network card. The following are some compatible devices that we have tested:

  • Intel AX210

  • Intel AX211

  • Intel AX200

  • Intel AX201

  • Intel AC9560

  • Intel AC8265


There are two Ethernet ports on the LattePanda board. Plug the ethernet cable, then surf the internet!

Cellular (4G/5G)

Before using the cellular network, please assemble the 4G/5G module on the M.2 B key socket first!

  • Assemble the 4G/5G module on the M.2 B key socket. Then assemble the 4G/5G antennas on the module.

  • Insert a micro-SIM card into the SIM card slot. The notch of the SIM card should face outward.


  • If the SIM card cannot be recognized despite correct installation, please disconnect the power supply from the Sigma board, hard reboot once and check.
  • After logging into the operating system, install the driver for the module. Make sure that there are no unknown devices in the device manager.

  • Now surf the internet using the cellular network!

We have tested the following modules, which are working fine in the Windows 10/11 OS.

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