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Problems On DOCS?

If you have any problems when viewing our DOCS, feel free to contact us and discuss through the forum. We, together with our community members, are always ready to help you!

How do I know LattePanda is on?

There is one LED under LattePanda. When LP is on, you should see the PWR LED light up continuous and bright.

How do I re-install LattePanda Windows system?

A simple solution is useful for the following situation:

  1. You can't startup your Windows system properly
  2. Windows system crashes
  3. You need to recover the default Windows system after installing Android or Linux.

Device required: 1 x USB flash Drive (at least 5GB for LattePanda Standard and 8GB for LattePanda Enhanced)

Please follow the steps below to re-install Windows 10 to its "out of the box" state.

1.Download your LattePanda's official Windows 10 image

z8350 mark x86 version for z8300 2GB+32GB

x64 version for z8300 4GB+64GB

x86 version for CR110 z8350 2GB+32GB

x64 version for CR110 z8350 4GB+64GB/ all CR200 z8350

2.Format your USB disk to FAT32 and change the drive name to "WINPE"

3.Unzip the image to root directory of your USB flash disk

4.Plug the USB disk in USB host

5.Power on the LattePanda

6.The system will install the image automatically. Just wait until the recovery is finished. Please note: Your USB disk must be formatted to FAT32 and labelled "WINPE" in order for this to work

7.Unplug the USB disk. Reboot and enjoy.

How to install Windows Enterprise on LattePanda?

We announced the LattePanda 4G/64GB version with Windows Key. If you need to know how to install a Windows Enterprise system on LattePanda or want know how to activate Windows key on your board, just check this simple tutorial contributed by community member.

What Boot Method Does LattePanda Use?

  1. LattePanda BIOS uses UEFI boot
  2. As we use different Windows images for two LP versions, the BIOS's bit depth should match the image. So LattePanda 2G/32GB uses a 32bit UEFI boot and 4G/64GB uses a 64bit UEFI boot.

If you are trying to install a different OS such as Linux, we have had some luck using multiarch images. We are still experimenting with this. We recommend looking on the forum for more information.

Tested Power Accessories

Good power supply can ensure stable work of lattePanda. If you can’t start it, experience automatic shutdown and other problems in the process of using lattePanda, please check your adapter and USB cable so that whether they reach the specified requirements.

We tested some common adapter and USB cable so that it is convenient for your selection. The results are shown in the table below.

Recommend Adapter:

  • Model: AUKEY PA-T9 (American Standard)

Test Results: available

Peak current: 3.0A

  • **link: ** Amazon **Model: ** AUKEY PA-T9-DE (European Standard)

**Test Results: ** available

**Peak current: ** 3.0A

  • link: ** Amazon **Model: NILLKIN 5V@2A USB Adapter

Test Results: available

Peak current: 2.5A

  • **link: ** DFRobot, Amazon **Model: ** APPLE ipad 10W usb power adapter

**Test Results: ** available

**Peak current: ** 2.8A

  • **link: ** Amazon **Model: ** JDB 5500

**Test Results: ** available

**Peak current: ** 2.8A

  • **link: ** Amazon **Model: ** HUAWEI HW-050200C3W

**Test Results: ** available

**Peak current: ** 2.5A

  • **link: ** Amazon **Model: ** HUAWEI HW-059200CHQ

**Test Results: ** unavailable

Recommend USB cable:

  • **Model: ** LattePanda Double Sided Micro USB Cable

**Test Results: ** available

**Wire Diameter: ** 0.9mm

  • **link: ** DFRobot **Model: ** REMAX RC-025T

**Test Results: ** available

**Wire Diameter: ** 0.8mm

  • **link: ** Amazon **Model: ** JDB 5500

**Test Results: ** available

**Wire Diameter: ** 0.7mm

**link: ** Amazon


Specific to embedded and robot applications scenarios, lattepanda also provides two pairs of external power supply pin of 5v and Gnd, check pinout diagram to find the external power connector beside the MicroUSB connector.

Ubuntu 18.04 on S70CR700

Check the list of audio output device use command " aplay -l "
- HDMI is "card 0" & "device 2" ; Audio port is "card 1" & "device 0" in this device.

Create sound card profile

  • Global config: create /etc/asound.conf
  • Specify user config: /home/xxx/.asoundrc

Select audio output and configure code

-Output from Audio port
defaults.pcm.card 1
defaults.pcm.device 0
defaults.ctl.card 1
defaults.timer.card 1

Save the file and reboot

Common Problems & Solutions

Activated problems :

  • 2G version. --Please check here.

  • 4G enterprise version. --Please make sure you have got the license card form the box.

Boot problems :

  • The Blue LED blinks after the button pressed. --Please make sure you press the right button , the power button is the white one which next to the 20pins, not the silver one.
  • The Red LED light on all time. --Please check here.

Accessories :

  • Touchpanel isn't working properly. --Please check here.
  • No HDMI output. --Please check here.

Other :

  • Power the board via CN2 headers. --Please check here.

  • Change resolution. --Please check here.