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BIOS Setup

Auto Power-on

To enable LattePanda to power on without the need to press the physical power button, kindly adjust the BIOS settings as follows:

Path: BIOS Setup → Advanced → Power Management → AcPowerLoss (Navigate to the location and set the AcPowerLoss option to Power On.)

Please note that the default setting is Power Off.


  • When the RTC battery's charge is depleted, the Auto Power-On function will not work. Hence, it is crucial to ensure that the RTC battery is adequately charged to maintain its functionality.
    • The LattePanda 3 Delta comes equipped with an onboard CR927 RTC battery, with a voltage of 3.0V, capable of maintaining power for around 9~12 months.You could refer to External RTC Power Pin Chapter to connect an external large-capacity RTC battery.
    • Please disable the Deep Sleep EUP Support feature to ensure smooth operation of the Auto Power-On function.

If your project needs innate support for auto power-on function on LattePanda 3 Delta, impervious to the influence of RTC battery power and BIOS configurations, kindly reach out to LattePanda Business Team for personalized consultation.

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