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Getting Started

This document will show how to start using your LattePanda for the first time. It will demonstrate what you need and instructions to boot up LattePanda.

Steps for Booting Up Your LattePanda

What You Will Need

To get started, you will need the following hardware:

  • LattePanda 3 Delta Mainboard
  • USB Type C Power Adapter(attached in the box), or Other 12V Power Adapter
  • Power Supply Cable
  • Display Device (TV, Monitor, or eDP Display)
  • Display Cable (HDMI, USB Type C, or eDP Cable)
  • Input devices (Keyboard, mouse, etc.)
  • WIFI/BT Antennas



The LattePanda is relatively special in its pocket-sized product form and design, and it can connect multiple devices to provide endless possibilities for embedded developments and IoT innovations.

CPU-related products are all electrostatically sensitive. So although we have adopted the anti-static design, users still need to be careful when using these electronics.

Be sure to remove the static electricity from your body before touching the LattePanda! Otherwise, this may cause potential static discharge and damage your LattePanda!

  • Connect Wi-Fi/BT antennas to the sockets.

Antenna and socket spec - IPEX4 2.4 & 5G Dual-band

There are two antennas sockets on the wireless module. One socket is used for 2.5G&5G Wi-Fi, and the other one is used for Bluetooth. So please insert two antennas. Both antennas are the same.


You can purchase enhanced antennas to improve the WIFI and Bluetooth signal strength.

  • Connect LattePanda and the display device with the display cable. Please see the Display and Touch Connections section for instructions on using different displays with your LattePanda.

  • Connect the keyboard and mouse to LattePanda.

  • Connect the power adapter to LattePanda. Please see the Powering LattePanda 3 Delta section for instructions on using different power adapters to power your LattePanda.

  • Press and hold the power button for approximately 1 second. The onboard blue LED indicator will light up, and LattePanda will boot into OS. The default OS is windows 10.