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Initial Setup

This chapter will show how to start with your LattePanda 3 Delta at the first time. It will demonstrate what you need and instructions to boot up LattePanda 3 Delta.

Booting the LattePanda


Before booting your LattePanda 3 Delta, you will need the following accessories:

  • HDMI Cable
  • An External HDMI Monitor
  • Keyboard and a Mouse
  • A Power Adapter
  • A pair of WIFI/BT antennas


Electrostatic Warning

While we have implemented anti-static design, please take care to eliminate static electricity from your body before handling the LattePanda. Failure to do so can lead to potential damage caused by static discharge.

  • Attach the Wi-Fi/BT antennas to the sockets.
    • Antenna and socket spec - IPEX4 2.4 & 5G Dual-band.
    • The wireless module features a pair of antenna sockets. One socket is specifically allocated for the purpose of 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi connectivity, while the other socket serves the function of facilitating Bluetooth capabilities. Please insert the two antennas.
    • Please refer to Mutiple Internet Connections section for a list of compatible modules. If you don't need a wireless connection, you can skip this step. LattePanda 3 Delta antennas


You can purchase enhanced antennas to improve the WIFI and Bluetooth signal strength.

  • Connect an HDMI display.

    Please see the Display Connections section for instructions on using different displays with your LattePanda.

  • Connect the keyboard and mouse to LattePanda.

  • Connect the power adapter(Provided) to LattePanda.

    Please see the Powering Options section for instructions on using different power adapters to power your LattePanda.

  • Press the power button and the blue LED indicator will light up.

    Wait approximately 30 seconds for the operating system to fully boot up. The default OS is windows 10.

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