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Drivers and Software

Regular Drivers

You can utilize the Intel Driver & Support Assistant (Intel DSA) to install and update your Alpha drivers.

Intel DSA can auto-detect the relevant drivers and updates you need according to your CPU model, which is very simple and convenient. Let's start using it!

1) First, download the Intel Driver & Support Assistant application on Intel's website.

2) Run Intel DSA, and it will start to auto-detect drivers and updates for you. (Please use the Google Chrome browser to open the DSA, as other browsers may cause an Intel DSA detection error.)

3) Follow the on-screen prompts to download and install the drivers and updates.

Touch Panel Drivers

The touch panel driver for Alpha is the same as that for LattePanda V1.0.

Windows 10 Drivers (V1.1) - 32Bit

Windows 10 Drivers (V1.1) - 64Bit


“install.bat” must be run as administrator to update the driver correctly.