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Internal Interface

M.2 Sockets

There are four M.2 sockets on LattePanda 3 Delta: M key x2, E key x1, B key x1.

The M.2 M key sockets allow PCIe 4.0 x4 and PCIe 3.0 x4.

Compatible Device

  • Storage: Compatible with M.2 NVMe SSD, Type 2280
  • Other Devices: eGPU (If you have a high-quality cable adapter such as the ADT Link, you can also connect an eGPU to the M.2 M key slot. Here is a video link 🔗 for your reference)

The M.2 E key socket allows PCIe 3.0 x1, USB2.0, Intel CNVio.

Compatible Device

  • Wireless Devices
    • M.2 WiFi Module via CNVio, Type 2230: Intel AX211, AX201, etc.
    • M.2 WiFi Module via PCIe, Type 2230: Intel AX210, AX200, etc.

The M.2 B key socket allows SATA III/PCIe 3.0 x1, USB2.0, USB3.0, SIM.

Compatible Device

  • Storage: Compatible with M.2 SATA SSD, Type 2242/2252/2280
  • Wireless Devices
    • M.2 4G Module (USB 2.0 lane)
    • M.2 5G Module (USB 3.0 lane)

Before using the 4G or 5G module, please insert a micro-SIM card into the SIM card slot, then assemble the antennas on the module. More information to get Cecullar network on LattePanda, pls refer to Multiple Network.

Then install the driver of the module after logging into the OS. We have tested the following modules, which are working fine in the Windows 10/11 OS.

Female Header Pins

Status Indication Pins

The S0, S3, S4 pins can indicate the current state of operating system through different output voltages. So the OS status can be obtained by reading these voltages or connecting LED indicators.

The voltage of these pins in different states are shown as follows:

Run Sleep Hibernate Shut Down
S0 Pin High Low Low Low
S3 Pin Low High Low Low
S4 Pin Low Low High Low
  • High: 5V; Low: 0V
  • The power output of these pins has built-in 1K ohm resistors.

5V Output Pins

The female headers feature two 5V output pins. The pins support a maximum of 2.1A. They are automatically controlled based on different states.

The power output of these two 5V output pins is as follows:

Run Sleep Hibernate Shut Down
power output of these 5V output pins Enabled Enabled Disabled Disabled

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