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Setup Server Computer - Remote Desktop

This section will show you how to install drivers and setup RDP in your Windows Server Computer.

Connect Hardware

  1. Connect monitor, keyboard and mouse to the Server Computer, power on the Server Computer and the Client Computer
  2. Connect the Server Computer to the Client Computer with the streaming cable(Both need USB3.0 interface)


For MacOS Client Computer, please click to download & install RNDIS driver in the Client Computer first, restart your Mac after installation. If the system warns of a security problem, please enter System Preferences-> Security & Privacy panel and Click Open Anyway)

Install Drivers

  • Click to Download Package here StreamingCableHost, and unzip it to any convenient location such as C:\Program, then you will find the following folder & file:

    1. dhcpsrv
    2. SetupEnv
  • Right-click SetupEnv and select Run as administrator. After running, it will close automatically.


This script used to enable remote desktop server and set the IP address of Streaming Cable to static IP If your windows is an unlicensed version, it will disable limit blank password use to allow your remote access.
If the script is unable to detect the cable, please look in "Device Manager", copy the name of the new device and amend this file to match 
echo "%%f"|find "Remote NDIS Compatible Device" >nul
if !errorlevel!==0 (
echo The operation completed successfully.
goto :setIP
  • Open dhcpsrv folder, run dhcpwiz.exe, follow the guide below and set it up accordingly.

DHCP Serve Configuration on Server Computer

Server Computer Configuration Completed

Next time you can power on the Server Computer and access it directly

Set Up The Client Computer

This section will show you how to install RDP software and set up your Client Computer. Click on the guide you need to jump to the corresponding section.

Remote Desktop

  1. Client Computer with Windows
  2. Client Computer on MacOS
  3. Client Computer on Ubuntu

:) Last step for building a smooth development environment!